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FAQ Frequently-Asked-Questions

Why Vauni?

What advantages do Vauni products have in comparison to other alternatives?

  • Safe and reliable lighting/extinguishing
  • Simple handling
  • Easy regulation of flame size and heat output
  • Optimized and integrated burner – the most advanced and cleanest on the market
  • Market-leading safety functionality
  • Only fireproof materials are used
  • Swedish design & manufacturing

What features and advantages do the burners have?

Vauni’s burners are the result of an extensive development project aimed at designing a solution with ease of use, efficiency and safety. The result is a burner with a unique integrated ceramic sponge that binds the liquid ethanol. The ceramic material is effective in helping to prevent leakage in the event that the burner is accidentally tipped or dropped. The unit is optimized to provide quick, smooth lighting and aesthetically pleasing flames in combination with low fuel consumption. All Vauni burners are made entirely of stainless steel to ensure many years of safe, trouble-free usage.


What is it powered by?

Vauni fireplaces are powered by denatured ethanol (ethyl alcohol), which is sold under various trade names (bioalcohol, bioethanol, stove fuel etc.) at building merchandise stores, some food shops and online. Please be sure that when choosing fuel for your Vauni fireplace you use high quality, pure bioethanol.

How do I light, adjust, and extinguish the fireplace?

The fireplace is ignited with a lighter with extended tip… Often referred to as a barbecue lighter. Unlike wood stoves, the system starts immediately with no risk of dying out. The flames are aesthetically yellow-orange from the very beginning. Regulation of the output (flame size and heat) is done using the accompanying damper tool which is also used for extinguishing the fireplace.

What is average the operating cost?

The cost of denatured ethanol varies with the place of purchase, the brand and the quantity. With normal use, the operating cost is estimated to be about $1.00 – $2.00 per hour depending on heat setting/flame size.

How much heat does it give?

Vauni burners give between 2-3 kilowatts at maximum output, which is equivalent to two infrared heaters. The heat comes immediately, is directed and can thus serve as a compliment to existing heating. The fireplace is able to warm up a room of average size.

Can I use a Vauni fireplace as my main heat source?

The short answer is no. Although the fireplaces are heat producing, they are recommended as a complimentary heat source. Many factors weigh into how much heat you will experience from your Vauni such as room footage, amount of doorways & windows, pre-existing ambient room temperature, etc.

How can the fireplace be chimney-free?

Vauni fireplaces are designed with the market’s most advanced ethanol burners. When ethanol burns, small amounts of carbon dioxide and water vapor are released, as well as heat. Since these residue products also exist in the air we breathe out, no chimney is needed and unlike conventional wood fireplaces, the system is free of soot and ash. To ensure safety, one should always adhere to the minimum space requirements.

Is smoke produced?

No, the combustion is clean and soot-free. Only small amounts of carbon dioxide and water vapor are formed.

Is a chimney required?

No, because the combustion is soot-less and the emissions of carbon dioxide and water vapor are well within safe limits both a chimney and venting become unnecessary.

Can I cook food on the fireplace?

No, cooking on a Vauni fireplace/burner will permanently damage the product. This type of use is not permitted by the manufacturer.

Can I use my Vauni outdoors?

The Globe is the only model rated for indoor and outdoor use. The manufacturer recommends that the Globe be covered or stored indoors when not in use to protect the burner and maintain the unit.


What is bioethanol?

Bioethanol, also known as ethanol, biofuel, and eco-fuel is a renewable energy source made by fermenting sugar and starch components of plant by-products such as sugarcane, corn, potatoes, rice, beetroot and more.

When bioethanol fuel is burned in a Vauni fireplace the combustion is completely clean and only small amounts of carbon dioxide, water vapor, and heat are formed – just like in the air you breathe out. That’s why a Vauni fireplace does not need a flue, chimney or venting.

How high is the fuel consumption?

Depending on the configuration, Vauni burners consume about 0.3-0.5 liters per hour at maximum output.

Which fuel should I use in a Vauni fireplace?

For Vauni fireplaces one should use only liquid, pure denatured ethanol, which is sold under various trade names (bioalcohol, bioethanol, stove fuel, etc.) at building merchandise stores, food shops and online.

How should I handle the fuel?

The user bears the responsibility for ensuring that the handling and storage is done in accordance to existing US regulations. Caution should be exercised in all handling of fuel. Please refer to the user guide/data sheet specific to the fuel brand that you choose to use for your Vauni.

Does bioethanol fuel have a strong odor?

The short answer is no. That said, a slight smell may be noticed upon lighting. You may also experience a mild odor when the flame is extinguished, similar to blowing out a candle.

Additionally, during the first few uses of a new burner, one may notice a slight smell as the burner becomes primed. These initial “run-in” odors will go away with use.


Special safety features of  Vauni burner?

Vauni’s burners are the result of an extensive development project aimed at designing a solution with superior handling, efficiency and safety. The result is a burner with a unique integrated material that binds liquid ethanol. This material is so effective that it prevents leakage in the event of faulty handling. All Vauni burners are made entirely of stainless steel to ensure many years of safe, trouble-free handling.

Are the products certified?

Yes, Vauni products are certified and type-approved by KIWA, SP and SITAC in Sweden. In order to obtain certification, the products are tested carefully so that they meet the strictest prevailing safety requirements. The emissions of carbon dioxide and water vapor from Vauni products lie far below the strictest prevailing limit values, which guarantee safe and secure ownership.

What is the recommended room size?

2 liter burner:  Minimum 183 sq. feet
3 liter burner: Minimum 215 sq. feet

What safety preparations are needed?

It is important that the room you choose for your fireplace is of adequate size. Every home should contain a fire extinguisher. Vauni recommends a powder extinguisher of at least 10 lbs with classification ABE/ABC. Moderately priced powder extinguishers are available at most building merchandise stores. A fire alarm should also be installed.

Children should be educated about the risks of fire and should be kept away from the lit unit. One should keep in mind at all times that fire is dangerous. As with all fireplaces, extreme care and caution should be practiced when using your Vauni.

Are there safety guidelines to follow?

For the safety of yourself and others, please comply with the guidelines listed below:

  • Never use unapproved fuel in your fireplace/burner unit. If you are unsure about what fuel to use then please contact us.
  • Do not overfill the burner. This could create an unexpected flame to occur.
  • Do not leave fireplace/burner unattended while lit.
  • Comply with all minimum clearances as specified in the user manual. Failure to comply may result in a house fire.
  • Every home should contain an easily accessible fire extinguisher. Vauni recommends a powder extinguisher of at least 10 lbs with classification ABE/ABC.
  • Keep children away.
  • Carefully supervise children that are in the same room as your fireplace/burner unit.
  • Alert all children and adults to the hazards of fire and high temperatures.
  • Keep clothing, furniture, curtains and other combustibles away from your fireplace/burner unit.
  • Always wait a minimum of 15 minutes before refilling your burner.
  • Installation should be performed by qualified personnel.


Where can I use a Vauni fireplace?

Since the fireplace is chimney-free, it can be placed in any room. Vauni fireplaces are a great solution for unique spaces in your home, condo, apartment or commercial building. Please see safety requirements to be sure the space you choose is of adequate size.

The products are intended for indoor use with the exception of the Globe model which is rated for both indoor & outdoor enjoyment.

How do I hang a wall-mount unit?

Vauni wall-mounted fireplaces are as easy to fix to the wall as a flat screen TV. Each unit comes complete with mounting hardware & bracket.

Is assembly required?

Most units do not require assembly. If assembly is required it’s very minimal.

Ordering, Shipping & Returns

What is the average lead time?

Vauni fireplaces are made in Sweden using small batch manufacturing. Due to the exclusive nature and limited production of Vauni products, lead times average two weeks to eight weeks. Currently, most standard orders ship within four weeks however in rare circumstances lead times can be up to twelve weeks if a product is backordered and requires start to finish production. If timelines are important to you, you must contact our sales team prior to purchase to be sure that your time frame is achievable. We always do our best to meet deadlines however because the import process can be a bit precarious at times, we cannot make guarantees.

What’s the URBANDUO return policy?

Due to small batch manufacturing only some of our products are be eligible for return. If eligible, you will have five business days from date of delivery to return your unused item. Returned items are subject to a 10% restocking fee plus the cost of return shipping. Please contact our sales team prior to purchase to see if your order is eligible for return.

Please note that you must call for a return authorization before any returns will be accepted.

Can I cancel my order?

To change or cancel your order, contact URBANDUO customer service at highfive@urbanduo.com. Order cancellations may be subject to additional fees. After 24 hours of order placement we cannot accept changes or cancellations, please refer to our return policy as stated above.

What to expect once my order ships?

Please see our Shipping Guide for the full scoop.