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First off, THANK YOU, to all our faithful customers, friends and family that have showed continuous enthusiasm and support for the URBANDUO shop! We can’t tell you how much we’ve appreciate you. 😘

As some of you may already know, we’ve spent the past many months debating a huge life change. Based on our deep desire to slow down the pace we have finally decided to close our brick and mortar location to focus on launching our online store. This allows us the opportunity to move to nearby McCall to enjoy small town, mountain living. We plan to launch our revamped website in the next couple of weeks that will feature our favorite product — Vauni Bioethanol Fireplaces along with a few other unique brands. We encourage you to continue to visit urbanduo.com, remain a part of our journey and get to know the amazing and unique benefits of Vauni Swedish fireplaces.

What does the store closing mean for you?


Yep, we’re talkin’ serious LIQUIDATION! We’re motivated to empty the shop as quickly as possible. Come on down and show your support by purchasing some deeply discounted goods! We still have tons of furniture, gifts, accessories, lighting, art and so much more! If you don’t need anything — I bet you know a friend that does! Please share this post and help spread the word. Let all your peeps know to swing on by URBANDUO at 1726 W Main Street for our STORE CLOSING SALE!

(FYI Anyone that’s looking to make a large purchase & fill up a truck or trailer… We’re absolutely keen on offering extra savings for bulk purchases. Woohoo!)

As quoted by Helen Keller on our About page:

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

It is through this life philosophy that our voyage continues, we are grateful to all off you who have made the last year of it so damn special. Cheers to you! XOXO


Here’s a peak into all the awesomeness you can still take advantage of…

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  • Lisa Gammie says:

    Can you tell me how much for the 2 largest galvanized beauties. And you have some white birch trees in the Gus bed picture, how much? I’m interested in those as well. Thanks, Lisa

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